I believe in working together towards identifying and solving big problems. Diverse points of view, open communication channels, and community projects are all very beneficial to fostering innovation. I’ve been fortunate to collaborate with top-notch technology leaders I admire in the Silicon Valley on projects that benefit the professional community we operate in.

Some of my projects to date include:

ElevateData is an initiative that was started by Alex Choy, Director at Silicon Valley Bank, Barkha Saxena, Chief Data Officer at Poshmark, and me. ElevateData’s mission is to scale practical knowledge sharing among data leaders through lively discussions that are propelling the role of data to the next level across all organizations. ElevateData hosts quarterly dinners on important data topics. Learn more:
I’m proud to have been involved with Heavybit programming. The recording of my DevGuild: Enterprise Security presentation about Startup Security Basics can be found here. My interview about Startup Security and Venture Capital: What VCs Want Founders to Know can be found here.

 I co-founded InvestInData (IID), a group of 30+ Chief Data Officers and VPs of Data operating as an angel syndicate. The group invests in and advises early-stage innovators in data infrastructure, analytics, and AI technologies. Learn more on and follow along on LinkedIn.

Security4Startups (S4S) is a technical resource geared to help early-stage founders and technical leaders learn about security measures that are economical to implement and easy to maintain. It is the result of a collaboration between 10+ security leaders from the Bay Area, a working group that is passionate about reducing the friction of injecting cybersecurity into new ventures. This free, open source asset is available on
SVCI is an angel investor syndicate comprised of leading CISOs. It was co-founded by 7 CISOs and me to fuel cybersecurity innovation by identifying promising startups, investing in them, and using industry expertise to help them thrive. SVCI was featured in The Wall Street Journal, TechCrunch, and SecurityWeek. Learn more:

Let’s work on something together.

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