I am constantly inspired by the people I meet and the innovations I see.
My writing is a humble attempt to combine this unique exposure together with my experience and share the results with the world. This directory is home to select work and I hope to keep updating it with new and exciting materials in the future.

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VC diaries series:
The cybersecurity trends to watch next

The cybersecurity market gets more segmented and sophisticated with every year, and cybersecurity spending is expected to hit $120B in 2020 (Gartner). Within this upward trend, it’s key to think about the next big questions cybersecurity is set to answer, which I’m striving to do in this series.

Individual articles

Assorted publishings from the intersection between venture capital, cybersecurity, developer tools, and all things enterprise:

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Featured in GeekTime
Featured in TechCrunch
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In my line of work, I meet remarkable founders and technology professionals who have unique vantage points and something to say. At times, those encounters result in projects and collaborations which I’ll share here:

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Thank you to all the wonderful publications that featured / addressed my work.
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